How to Write Proper

Verbs has to agree with their subjects.

Prepositions are not words to end sentences with.

Always avoid alliteration.

It is wrong to ever split an infinitive.

Contractions aren’t necessary and shouldn’t be used.

Avoid clichés like the plague — they’re old hat.

Use the apostrophe in it’s proper place, do’nt put it in the wrong place, and omit it where its not needed.

Don’t use two words where one is sufficient enough.

DON’T use too much emphasis at once.

If you’re writing web pages, never underline anything that’s not a link.

Long sentences without any punctuation are hard to read so break them up into shorter sentences and punctuate where appropriate so that everyone can read them and understand what they say.

Also, don’t write run-on sentences, break them up just the same.

As I’ve told you a million times, don’t exaggerate.

Eliminate quotations, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “I hate quotations.  Tell me what you know.”

Don’t make generalisations — they’re bound to be false.

Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

Watch out for the many irregular verbs that have creeped into our language.

That a clause can be the subject of another is wrong.

Don’t use words you don’t know the meaning of — people are literally sick to death of this!

And finally, never begin or end a sentence with and.

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