February Mindbenders

All Play and No Work

There are 365 days in a year, or as I hope you all know, 366 this year.

Jill sleeps 8 hours a day and spends 7 waking hours a day at home.  These amount to 229 days of the year, leaving 137 days.  It takes Jill 1 hour and 40 minutes to travel to and from work (20 days), and her coffee and lunch breaks occupy 2 hours of the day (31 days).  This leaves 86 days.

Jill works five and a half days a week, so subtracting the 52 Sundays and 52 half-Saturdays (26 days) leaves 8 days.  But Jill’s company is closed for the 8 public holidays of the year.  Therefore Jill is left with no time to work!

What is wrong with this calculation (besides round-off error)?



Solve the anagrams:

  1. SORE (flower)
  2. THAN SLEEP (animals)
  3. BUS IN MARE (ship)

Rearrange the letters to make a related word or phrase:

  1. MOON-STARERS (one word)
  2. HERE COME DOTS (three words)


Matchstick Puzzles

Move two matches leave four squares.


Starting with the same pattern, move three matches to make nine squares.



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