August Mindbenders

Running Slow

James is running in his town’s four-mile Fun Run.  As he completes the third mile he looks at his watch and says to himself, “I’m only averaging six miles per hour.  I wanted to average eight miles per hour.  I must run a little faster.”

How fast must James run in order to get his average speed up to eight miles per hour?


Long Time No See

“Hi, how are you?” Mark says to an old friend.

“Fine, how are you?” says the friend.

“I’m fine.  It must have been about … ten years since we last met?”

“Oh yeah!  Time’s gone so quickly!”

“Well, what’s happened to you over all those years?” says Mark.

“Well, I got married back in ’93 to someone you wouldn’t know.  This is our little girl.”

“Hello, what’s your name?” Mark asks the girl.

“It’s the same as Mummy’s.”

“So it’s Julie, is it?”

How did he know?


Spot the Intruder

In each line, which number doesn’t belong?

  1. 9, 16, 64, 121, 168, 289, 400
  2. 16, 24, 40, 84, 112, 126, 144
  3. 263, 279, 414, 468, 579, 705, 774
  4. 43, 67, 83, 91, 137, 191, 211


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