January Mindbenders

Visiting Friends

Every Tuesday after college, Lisa and Paul spend some time together at one of their houses.  Lisa lives in the north of the town, and Paul lives in the south.  The time at which they actually meet up ends up being quite random!  As soon as they are together, they head to the bus station and catch the first bus to go either way.

Both buses arrive equally often, each scheduled to run every ten minutes, and both are equally reliable.  However, for some reason they find themselves at Paul’s house nine times out of ten.  Why?


How Much Did They Spend?

Another bunch of people have spent an awful lot on Christmas presents!

This time round, Julie spent one and a half times as much as Lawrence, who spent £20 more than Victoria, who spent half as much as Michael, who spent £10 more than Julie.

How much did each of them spend?


Spot the Intruder

Which word doesn’t belong in each line?

  1. black, flea, rare, stock
  2. graph, photo, route, scope, vision
  3. shell, silver, star, sword


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