June Mindbenders

Racing from Behind

“I’ll race you to that signpost,” said Amy to Michelle.

“OK,” says Michelle.  “Ready … Go!”

They both set off.  As Amy reaches and grasps the post, Michelle is ten paces behind it.

“I think I’m a bit fast for you,” says Amy when Michelle gets to the post.  “Let’s race back to where we started.  You start from here, and I’ll start ten paces behind you.”

They run at the same speeds as they did last time.  Who wins this race?


Siblings and Children

John has two siblings and three children.  John’s oldest child is a girl.

On the basis of this information, what is the probability that John has at least one brother?  And what is the probability that he has another daughter besides the oldest?


Matchstick Puzzles

| |
--- ---
| | |
--- --- ---
| | | |
--- --- ---

Move six matches to make sixteen squares.


Starting with the same pattern, move four matches to leave five squares.


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