June Mindbenders

Across the River

A farmer has a wolf, a goat and a rather large cabbage, which he needs to get across the river.  On the river is a rowing boat, which is just big enough to carry the farmer and one other item.

However, the wolf will eat the goat if they are left together, and similarly the goat will eat the cabbage if they are left together.

Of course he hasn’t managed to train the wolf or the goat to row the boat, let alone the cabbage.  How does he get his three treasured possessions across the river safely?


Family Fun

A husband and wife have five sons, and each of the sons has two sisters.  How many people make up this family?


Double Meanings

Find the word that links the clues:

  1. colour, flower
  2. stop up, shoe
  3. vessel, tournament
  4. dessert, small amount
  5. stingy, average
  6. building, obstruct


Word Chains

Changing one letter at a time (as in CAT, COT, DOT, DOG), change LIVE into DEAD in as few moves as possible.


Now try BLACK into WHITE.


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