May Mindbenders

Tea Bags

Elysia makes herself a cup of tea every afternoon.  The tea bags she uses come joined in pairs.  When she reaches into the jar, sometimes she finds she has pulled out a joined pair, in which case she separates them, puts one in her cup and the rest back into the jar.  At other times she pulls out a single bag, which she just puts straight into her cup.  When they are all gone, she refills the jar from the box.

Elysia has just returned after a fortnight’s holiday, and has forgotten how full the jar was when she left.  As she dips into the jar for the first time in two weeks, is she more likely to take out a double or a single tea bag?


The Common Word

Find the word that fits after the first word and before the second to make a compound word or phrase.  (Example: life JACKET potato, as in life-jacket, jacket potato.)

  1. red … measure
  2. count … town
  3. game … boat
  4. public … style
  5. colour … alley


Spot the Intruder

Which number doesn’t belong in each line?

  1. 9, 54, 252, 279, 216, 621
  2. 421, 431, 441, 461, 487, 491
  3. 192, 263, 394, 364, 471, 758
  4. 198, 264, 576, 588, 864, 912


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