August Mindbenders

The Beer Mat Game Backfires

Unknown to each other at first, Les and Angela both already knew the strategy behind the beer mat game they played last month.  Angela won the toss and played the winning strategy.  However, Les ended up winning.  How?


The World’s Easiest Quiz?

  1. How many balls are used in the game of 8-ball pool?
  2. What animal are the Canary Islands named after?
  3. How many years did the Hundred Years War last?
  4. What colour is an aeroplane’s black box?
  5. In which city is the University of Warwick?


Lost Words

In each line, a three-letter word has been omitted from some longer words.  Each line has its own missing word, which stays the same across the line.  Can you put the words back?  (Example: LET makes tabLET, athLETe, pLEThora)

  1. ___hs, ___ter, for___, cre___e
  2. hu___, ___date, ada___t, ___ic
  3. ap___r, re___t, ___ce, s___ker
  4. s___e, si___, ___tan, ro___y
  5. ___rt, res___, v___t, b___, c___nds


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