October Mindbenders

How Many Animals?

“Do you have any pets at home?” says Edward to Mandy.

“Yes, quite a lot of little animals actually,” says Mandy.

“Well, what do you have?”

“Let’s put it this way.  I’ve got more guinea-pigs than hamsters, and more hamsters than rabbits.  But there are less than fourteen altogether.  And if you multiplied together the numbers I have of each, you would get my age.”

“Hmm … let me think about this,” says Edward.  A moment later, “Give me another clue.  Is there more than one rabbit?”

Knowing Mandy’s age and whether she has more than one rabbit, Edward realises that the puzzle isn’t quite solved, as there are still two possible combinations of numbers left to choose from.

How old is Mandy?


Double Meanings

Find the word that links the clues:

  1. ignite, not heavy
  2. recline, untruth
  3. repose, remainder
  4. adhere, rod
  5. resigns, even-standing
  6. fairly, attractive


Spot the Intruder

  1. 128, 288, 450, 578, 882, 976
  2. 26, 35, 51, 69, 135, 143
  3. 96, 112, 216, 240, 336, 384
  4. 3, 8, 21, 44, 89, 233


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