May Mindbenders

New Arrivals

Four couples have just had new babies!  Determine whom each child was born to, and how much each weighed at birth, from these clues:

  1. Oscar’s child came out lighter than Liz.
  2. Kim gave birth to a baby weighing six ounces more than the latest addition to Tim’s family.
  3. The child of Victor and Doreen is the oldest.
  4. Sue's new daughter was the lightest of them all.
  5. Quentin weighed more at birth than Albert, but less than Chloe’s new arrival.
Father Mother Child Weight


One Table

A family group gets together.  There is a father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew and niece.  They decide to go to a nice restaurant for dinner.  Unfortunately, the restaurant turns out to be almost full, and only one four-seater table remains.

However, they all manage to sit and eat together without any difficulty.  How?


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