April Mindbenders


As part of a large group session, quite a lot of handshaking went on, although nobody managed to get around anywhere near everybody!  But one member of the group, instead of joining in, decided to count the number of times each person shook hands with another.  The result of the tally was as follows:

Can this outcome have been exactly right?  Or can we be sure there was a miscount somewhere?  How do you know?


Bus Bunching

Robert is fortunate to live in an area of town served by three bus services, all going to town centre where he works via different other neighbourhoods.  Each is scheduled to go every fifteen minutes, but as it happens the three buses invariably reach Robert’s local bus stop about a minute apart.

As Robert sets off from his house to the bus stop, he sometimes sees a bus leaving the stop.  Then he is quite pleased.  However, if he hasn’t missed a bus as he was on his way to the stop, he is rather concerned.  Why?


Continue the Sequences

Pick the word to continue each sequence from the brackets below it.

  1. brain, cable, decline, end, free, gift, …
    (bigger, heavier, higher, taller, wider)
  2. abacus, elder, specific, brook, …
    (amusement, fun, games, humour, jokes)
  3. trail, rabbit, patter, stop, cats, automatic, …
    (beer, coffee, juice, milk, tea)
  4. cobra, neutron, dentist, concerts, plinths, …
    (advantages, characteristics, qualities, strengths)


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