October Mindbenders

Lost Treasures

A couple went away for a two-week holiday.  When they returned, the wife was distressed to learn that there had been a power failure and she had consequently lost all her best jewellery.  How did this happen?



A kangaroo word is a word that contains a word of similar meaning in its letters.  The letters of the baby word are in order within the mother word, but not all consecutive.  For example, obSErvE contains the word SEE.  Can you find the joeys in these words?

  1. deceased
  2. unsightly
  3. appropriate
  4. destruction
  5. because
  6. frangible (two answers!)


Coin Puzzle

Can you accurately arrange four identical coins like this?  The space must be just the right size so that a fifth coin can be inserted to touch these four.

[Four coins arranged in two thirds of a regular hexagon]

No more than four coins, and no other means of measurement, may be used in the process.


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