December Mindbenders

Card Play

The Black siblings are back … and this time they’ve already received several Christmas cards from various people and places!  (Only cards they received individually, and not ones addressed to the whole family, are counted in this puzzle.)

Work out how old each child is (all ages considered in whole years) and how many cards they have from these clues:

  1. Helen is three times as old as Bernard, but so far has only one card more than he has.
  2. The oldest of the four has received six cards.
  3. The difference between Helen’s and Peter’s numbers of cards is the same as the difference between their ages.
  4. The total number of Helen’s and Peter’s cards equals Eve’s age.
  5. The total number of Bernard’s and Eve’s cards equals Helen’s age.
  6. The same number of cards went to the girls as to the boys.
  7. The youngest child is twelve years younger than Eve.
  8. The difference between Peter’s and Bernard’s ages equals the number of cards in Peter’s collection.


Spot the Intruder

In each line, which word doesn’t belong?

  1. fairy, house, switch, weight, year
  2. duck, goose, hen, partridge, swan
  3. card, chicken, day, island, rose, tree


The Tree

Rows from top to bottom:
?; 13 10; 15 11 11; 18 12 11 15; 22 13 10 13 22; 27 14 8 9 17 32

What number goes at the top of the tree?


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