February Mindbenders

The Twins

Some twins were born half an hour apart. One was born at a quarter past one.  The other emerged at a quarter to two.

But strangely, the one born at a quarter to two is the older of the two.  How did this happen?


Coloured Stamps

Diana puts Steve, Jody and Ian to the test.  She says to them all, “I have four red stamps and four yellow stamps here.  I’m going to blindfold you all.  Then I’m going to stick two of these stamps on each of your foreheads, and stick the two that are left in my pocket.”

She does that, and then says to them all, “I want each of you to try and work out what combination of stamps you have.  Don't say anything till I ask you, and think hard before you answer.”  The blindfolds then come off.

Diana then proceeds.  “Steve, do you know what stamps are on your head?” Steve shakes his head.  Diana then asks the same question to Jody and then Ian, who each take a little longer to dismiss the question as unanswerable.

Steve is then asked again.  He still doesn’t know his combination.  But come Jody’s second questioning, she announces her combination of colours.

What colours does Jody have, and how does she know?


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